Self-Coaching Methodology

Achieve Personal Mastery through the 6-step self-coaching methodology that will  change your life from good to great

Our trademark Success Inside Out self-coaching methodology is all about looking within and identifying actionable solutions to help you unlock your intrinsic potential to become the best version of yourself possible.


We are acutely aware that success means different things to different people. That is why this Success Inside Out self-coaching methodology is never only focused on just one aspect of your life. Designed to empower individuals toward self-discovery and growth, it is the best all-encompassing solution for the new age individual.

Workshop Takeaways


  • Master the Success Inside Out 6-step self-coaching methodology to establish a coaching and development culture for self, in the workplace and at home
  • The holistic approach to defining priorities and focus in your daily life
  • Provide clarity in your personal and professional decision making process
  • Identify actionable solutions to help you achieve self-determined goals

Who Should Attend


  • Individuals seeking personal mastery in every aspect of their lives
  • Individuals who want to re-define their lives through the development of an actionable and personalised plan of attack
  • Individuals looking to gain clarity and insight into what success actually means to them, re-defining where their lives are headed versus where they would like it to go instead
  • Individuals who desire more than a one-time dose of motivation, but are actually striving to turn their lives from good to GREAT through actionable and realistic goal-setting and execution/follow up

Trainer Profile


Kim Underhill has over 20 years multinational corporate experience.  Performing in leadership roles since 2000, Kim is highly experienced in delivering and overseeing many facets of corporate operations including business development, sales & marketing management, organisational and talent development as well as general management.


Kim’s career in the foodservice industry spans from Office Administration, Customer Service and Business Development, to Sales & Marketing, managing fortune 500 companies globally, as well as in General Management of multinational companies with manufacturing facilities and sales offices in the Asia Pacific regions.  Her career has exposed her to multicultural environments from Asia to Europe, Middle East, Africa and America.


Kim became a life and executive coach originally to enhance her own leadership skills within her workplace environment, but before long, it became her passion to help more people redefine and achieve success.  This marked the start of her training and development journey in 2010.  Her primary focus is to help individuals gain personal and leadership mastery, getting them from good to great.  Since then she has helped many transform their lives, with staggering results.


Kim uses thought-provoking and challenging methodologies to help build one’s capabilities to be self-directive, solution-focused, and forward-thinking, increasing one’s knowledge and confidence in the process.

Programme Guide, Success Inside Out, Personal Mastery, Self-Coaching, Growth, Training, Development

Administrative Information


Course Title: Success Inside Out

Course Duration: Full-Day Workshop

Timing: 9am to 5pm

Venue: Mandarin Orchard Hotel Singapore

Fee:  $550nett/person per full-day workshop



Discounted fees apply for group and multi-day workshop registration. Kindly contact us at or +65 6924 3376 for more information.


The above fee is inclusive of all necessary workshop materials, including a copy of Kim Underhill's Success Inside Out Self-Coaching Methodology.


International Buffet Lunch at 'Triple Three' Mandarin Orchard will be provided, as well as coffee, tea and light refreshments for the duration of the workshop.


A Little Extra Incentive

Singapore incorporated companies can enjoy 400% tax deductions and/or a 60% cash pay-out under the IRAS PIC scheme for the training of employees.


More information on the IRAS PIC scheme is available here.

How To Register


1. Download registration form as required

2. Fill in the form

3. Take a Picture or Scan your filled form and email to

Qualification & Accreditation


  • (BA) Bachelor of Business Administration, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
  • (EMSc) Executive Master of Science in Industrial & Organisational Human Resource Psychology, Baruch College, The City University of New York
  • Organisational Psychologist
  • New Age Leadership Trainer
  • Motivational Speaker
  • Personal Mastery Coach
  • Certified Practitioner
    • Belbin Team Roles
    • Solution Focused Coaching
    • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Author, "Success Inside Out" Self-Coaching Methodology



  • Member, Asia Professional Speakers Singapore & Singapore Business Professional Women Association
  • Advisory, Today's Managers Publication (Singapore Institute of Management)
  • President, Daughters Of Tomorrow, a non-profit organisation that facilitates livelihood opportunities for underprivileged women, supporting them in building financial independence and resilient family lives
  • Founder, One Woman A Day, a community that helps women step up in pursuing their career without having to sacrifice work-life balance, through the support of volunteer professionals, coaches and trainers



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Programme Guide, Success Inside Out, Personal Mastery, Self-Coaching, Growth, Training, Development

Programme Guide, Success Inside Out, Personal Mastery, Self-Coaching, Growth, Training, Development

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Programme Guide, Success Inside Out, Personal Mastery, Self-Coaching, Growth, Training, Development

Logo, Ultimate Balance Consultancy

Logo, Ultimate Balance Consultancy